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5 Air Conditioning DIY Cleaning Mistakes In Florida You Cannot Afford To Make

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Tampa Air Conditioning DIY Mistakes

The weather in Tampa, Florida can sometimes be unpredictable, and this is why every household has an air conditioner. To keep your air conditioner in optimal condition for years, homeowners are always advised to clean and check for the maintenance. O·E·L Heating & Cooling has always been at the forefront to ensure customers enjoy quality air across homes in Florida. However, there comes a time when a homeowner prefers cleaning his/her own air conditioner. O·E·L Heating & Cooling wishes to highlight the top 5 common mistakes you are bound to do when cleaning your air conditioner by yourself.

1. Forgetting to clean your A/C filters

This is the first and the most common mistake people make when cleaning their A/C unit. It is advisable to always clean or replace the filters at least every month during the cooling and heating season. If you also notice dust and debris all over the filter, it also means that thorough cleaning should be done to unclog the dirt.

Cleaning the filter is important as it significantly improves the efficiency of your A/C and lowers your energy consumption by up to 15%. This is according to www.energy.gov. If you have a central A/C, you will find the filters on the return ducts in the ceiling or wall. Room air conditioners, on the other hand, have filters mounted in the front-facing grille. There are also ductless mini-splits that have their reusable filters fitted around the removable panel.

2. Not cleaning the coils

The other part of your air conditioning system that could need some cleaning too is the outdoor condenser and evaporator coil. When this part is clogged with dirt, it blocks airflow and insulates the coils. This, in turn, reduces their ability to heat better. Most people forget or avoid cleaning this area, and O·E·L Heating & Cooling treats that as a significant mistake.

You can keep these coils clean by keeping your A/C components away from dryer vents. It is also advisable to get rid of grass clippings, fallen leaves, and any other outdoor debris on a regular basis. If there are shrubs and other foliage around the condenser, make sure you trim everything to give it at least two feet of space for adequate airflow.

3. Taking things apart you cannot get back together

Cleaning the A/C is supposed to be done thoroughly to avoid some of the emergencies homeowners experience. Thorough cleaning also involves taking parts of the A/C apart and cleaning one part after the other. A/C DIY cleaning is a noble idea, but not everyone has the skills to take things apart and put them back together. That is a mistake people make that sometimes causes other faults in the A/C.

You should be careful enough when taking parts apart to clean your A/C. But things will be a lot easier if you just consulted a 24-hour air conditioning repair in Tampa FL.

4. Overusing cleaning chemicals

There are hundreds of chemical cleaning products on the market today. They all promise to get rid of the clogs in your A/C. Well, there are those that can do a good job and clean your A/C, but there are those that will not. As a curious human being, you will be tempted to use more of the chemical to have a perfect cleaning, but things typically turn out contrary to our expectations.

Most of these cleaning products are harsh and cannot work on substantial obstructions. Other than being harsh on the surface of the A/C, they can also be dangerous to the person using them. They can make the air poisonous if they get into the airways or irritate your skin if you mishandle them.

5. Skimping on a product to save money

Other than overusing the cleaning products, some homeowners will also want to save money skimping on products. Well as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. When it comes to cleaning your A/C, shopping for your supplies at a big box store may not be the best option. Most of these stores are not stocked with the right or the best quality product. So what you are going to buy may not last long. Looking at it from a different perspective, you may end up paying more for a damaged A/C simply because you chose to use cheap cleaning products to clean your A/C.

With that said, you now know things to avoid when cleaning your A/C in Florida. But as much as a DIY project may sound affordable, there are lots of risks involved. Why put your expensive A/C at risk when you can get better cleaning services from O·E·L Heating & Cooling? Call 813-438-4423, and we will respond immediately.

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