Incredibly Fast

Should’ve done this review earlier!
About two months ago, my family had problems with both our home AC and our business AC (barbershop).

Their response time for both times was incredibly fast, very quick response both by phone and coming to the shop/home. The technician was very friendly and knowledgeable.

The first time we used OEL was for our home AC, they were able to replace the capacitor (pretty sure that is the name of the piece) and charged much less than our previous AC person was trying to charge us (we didn’t even tell them how much the competition was trying to charge us!). Not only that, they informed us that the AC was actually still under warranty, which the other AC person had said that the warranty had expired already. They replenish the gas and the AC has been working great again.

The second time that we used their services was for our barbershop AC issues. They uncover that it was primarily a drain issue due to poor construction of the complex. They drained and cleared it, and then covered it with a mesh to prevent debris from clogging it again. They also replaced some fuse/switches and got the AC working strong again.

I recommend them 100%, give them a call for your AC needs!

Thank YOU!